One Happy Camper

Needs-blind grants for Jewish overnight camp.


One Happy Camper and Sababa Surf Camp are a big hit for the Lemke family

I can’t say enough positive things about Sababa Surf Camp and the One Happy Camper grants program.


As I changed my career, the prospect of paying for a sleep away experience was overwhelming. I learned about One Happy Camper (supported by the Tidewater Jewish Foundation and Foundation for Jewish Camp) from my Aunt Leslie, and Cousin Megan. It was the perfect opportunity to make this camp experience a reality for my son MJ (age 11).


This summer, my daughter, Breckin (age 8), is eligible and has received the grant. Now both children will be receiving this wonderful gift of Jewish camp, thanks to the Tidewater Jewish Foundation!


The fact that Sababa Surf Camp is run here in Virginia Beach was especially pleasing that our fundraising efforts benefited a local operation providing a wonderful and unique Jewish experience for our youth here and from around the country.


Thank you for this amazing opportunity!


Shawn (and Ashley) Lemke


Tidewater Jewish Foundation is proud to partner with the Foundation for Jewish Camp’s One Happy Camper program.  If you are considering Jewish overnight camp for the first time, your child may be eligible for a needs-blind grant of up to $1,000 this summer. With over 192 traditional and specialty programs to choose from, there is a perfect camp out there for your child. Click here to learn more about One Happy Camper grants, whether you’re eligible, and how to apply.

For more information on One Happy Camper contact Naomi Limor Sedek at or 757-965-6109.