TJF Community Impact Grant helps Toras Chaim renovate auditorium

In March 2021, the Tidewater Jewish Foundation awarded a $7,500 Community Impact Grant to Toras Chaim to renovate their auditorium.

Serving the Tidewater Jewish community for almost 20 years, Toras Chaim has undergone an extensive school beautification project. Renovations have included painting hallways and classrooms, replacing the roof, waxing the floors, and installing a perimeter fence around the campus. The sweeping renovations at the school also addressed one area in dire need of a refit: the school auditorium.

“Before the renovations, our auditorium had a very old, worn look and feel,” said Andie Pollock, Assistant Principle at Toras Chaim. “The floors were scraped and in need of sanding and waxing. The painted walls were peeling with blotches. We had a fundraising dinner, but instead of using our facilities, we had to rent a tent to accommodate the guests at a huge expense.”

At Toras Chaim, many school activities are based around the auditorium. It’s the place where students congregate for special activities, community events, and perform for parents and schoolmates.  

“An auditorium should be an exciting, bright place to share the success of the students and their school,” said Pollock.

With the help of the Community Impact Grant, Toras Chaim was able to create a more inviting space. The auditorium floors were stripped and waxed, the walls were given a fresh coat of paint, and a side storage alcove was closed in to make a separate room.

“An auditorium is the central gathering place of a school,” said Naomi Limor Sedek, President and CEO of Tidewater Jewish Foundation. “We at TJF are looking forward to joining the Toras Chaim community in its ‘new’ living room where the children will have the opportunity to shine and share their knowledge.”

Thanks to the renovation, the school is now ready for guests. Toras Chaim is already planning on having a Mitzvah Fair, Science Fair, Career Day, Academic Fair, and more in the refurbished auditorium.

“We are confident that the auditorium makeover will have an impact for years to come,” said Pollock. “Not just on the building, but on the lives of our children.”

For more information on how to support Community Impact Grants, contact Ann Swindell, TJF Donor Relations and Grant Manager, at or 757-965-6106.