Imagine if you could make a gift that would last forever


For your family, for your community, for Israel, and for the Jewish people…the Tidewater Jewish Foundation and our partners, with our incredible supporters, meet the needs of the Jewish Community in Tidewater and beyond. See how you can strengthen the roots of the Jewish faith for generations to come.


Since 1984, the Tidewater Jewish Foundation has established strong connections and deep roots in the Jewish community. Together, we can see this work continue to support the Jewish values from generation to generation.

Which legacy gift option makes the most sense for you and your family?

Legacy gifts can be made today to support one or more endowments, or you can formalize your plans to give an after-lifetime gift.

Bequest by Will  
The easiest and most common option for a legacy gift and it costs you nothing today.

Life Insurance
Designate TJF as the beneficiary of a current life insurance policy or work with TJF to establish a new policy to benefit one or more organizations. This is a preferred route to a legacy gift for many young philanthropists. In addition, this option may help reduce your tax burden.


TJF has matching funds available to help reduce the cost of your premiums.

IRA Designation or Current Gift of Retirement Assets
If you are over age 70 1/2, this is a tax advantaged gift option, particularly after recent federal tax changes

Cash gifts can be used to make an impact today or can be set aside and allowed to grow so you can make a greater impact tomorrow

Real Estate
Gifts of real estate can help avoid capital gains tax.




Marketable Securities  
Stocks, bonds, or other appreciated securities can be gifted to avoid capital gains and an immediate charitable deduction is provided based on current market values

Life Estate Reserved  
Transfer the deed of your home (or vacation property) to TJF, maintain lifetime use of the property, receive a tax benefit and make a greater gift than you ever thought possible.

Closely Held Business Interests
Gift your share of property, LLCs, or partnership interests and avoid capital gains tax.



Donor Advised Fund (DAF) Residuals
Consider naming the Tidewater Jewish Foundation as a “successor” of your account or a portion of your account value. Your designation means that the Tidewater Jewish Foundation can make grants and distributions from the remainder of your fund to honor your desire to help your fellow community members.


TJF has matching funds available for new Donor Advised Fund holders.    

Charitable Remainder Trust
Typically, a significant asset will be used to establish this type of trust. The earnings generated provide income for you or your loved one's life or a term of years. Upon passing or at the end of the term, the remainder of the trust assets will be left to charity.


Charitable Lead Trust
Typically, a significant asset will be used to establish this type of trust. The earnings generated will benefit the charity for a term of years. At the end of the trust term, the trust's assets will be transferred to family.