The TJF team works with donors, their families, and often their professional advisors to develop meaningful, tax-wise philanthropic plans so they can maximize their gift’s impact.

It starts with you!
Every TJF gifts begins with a person or family that wants to make the world a better place

Gift Source
What makes the most sense for you and your family?

  • Cash Gifts – Used to make an impact today or set aside and allowed to grow so you can make a greater impact tomorrow
  • IRA Designation / Gift of Retirement Assets – If you are over age 70 1/2, a tax advantaged gift option, particularly after recent federal tax changes
  • Life Insurance – Designate TJF as the beneficiary of a current policy or establish a new policy to benefit one or more organizations. Matching funds available.
  • Bequest by Will – Easiest and most common option for a legacy gift as it costs you nothing today
  • Marketable Securities – Stocks, bonds, or other appreciated securities gifts avoid capital gains and provide an immediate charitable deduction based on current market values
  • Real Estate Gifts – Can help you avoid a capital gains tax
  • Life Estate Reserved – Transfer your home (or vacation property) to TJF and receive a tax benefit while maintaining lifetime use
  • Closely Held Business Interests – Gift your share of LLCs or partnership interests and avoid capital gains tax

TJF Giving Vehicles
The way you package your gift depends on your goals: Do you want to include your children or other loved ones in the process? Is flexibility important? Tax savings?

  • TJF Unrestricted Fund – Support grants for new, innovative programs and emergency needs in the local Jewish community
  • Restricted Fund – Gifts can benefit specified organizations or causes and often make distributions at a specified spending rate
  • Endowed Fund – Gifts ensures support for one or more charitable organizations in perpetuity
  • Charitable Remainder Trust – Typically, a significant asset funds this type of trust and earnings provide income for you / your loved one's life or a term of years, then the trust's remainder assets will be left to charity
  • Charitable Lead Trust – Typically, a significant asset will be fund this type of trust and the earnings generated will benefit the charity for a term of years, after which the trust's assets will be transferred to your family

Donor Advised Funds
Also known as DAFs, these funds are used like charitable savings accounts.

     - Receive an immediate tax benefit

     - Recommend charitable grants throughout the year

     - Multiple generations can advise on a DAF

     - 24/7 online fund access

DAFs are a great strategy for maximizing income tax deductions! Matching Funds Available.