Grants & Scholarships

Learn, grow, and connect with opportunities provided through Tidewater Jewish Foundation

Tidewater Jewish Foundation (TJF) administers grants and other funding opportunities, connecting individuals with a diverse array of opportunities supported by our generous network of programs and foundations. From education and travel to community growth and innovation, TJF grants and scholarships enrich various facets of Jewish life and identity. Explore how our initiatives open doors to boundless opportunities within the local community.

Community Impact Grants

Tidewater Jewish Foundation provides grants for new and innovative programs throughout the local Tidewater Jewish community. Grant cycles run twice per year.

Stein Family Scholarship

This college scholarship awards up to $15,000 annually to Hampton Roads area students. Scholarships are renewable up to four years for a maximum $60,000. 

Feldman Family Scholarship

This annual scholarship provides financial assistance to Jewish students living in Virginia and entering into a degree program in the field of medicine, dentistry, or related field. Applications are accepted May 1 through July 1.

One Happy Camper

Tidewater Jewish Foundation is proud to partner with the Foundation for Jewish Camp’s One Happy Camper program to offer needs-blind grants of up to $1,000 for Jewish overnight camp.

Simon Family Passport to Israel

The Simon Family Passport to Israel Fund provides grants to Jewish students, ages 13–22, to participate in an Israel trip experience.

Other grant opportunities

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