The Tidewater Jewish Foundation (TJF) is proud to partner with Jewish Future Promise, a visionary global initiative dedicated to preserving and enriching Jewish heritage for generations to come. The Promise asks Jews and allies alike to make a moral, non-binding commitment that if any charitable contributions are made upon passing, at least half of those charitable contributions, whether it be $10 or $10 million, will support Jewish causes and/or the State of Israel.

Together, TJF and Jewish Future Promise will advance a shared vision and commitment to secure a vibrant Jewish future, sparking critical intergenerational conversations about Jewish values and proliferating a culture of legacy giving. Join us — make the Promise today!

Right now, there is an unprecedented opportunity to secure the funds necessary for a vibrant Jewish future. Over the next 25 years, a mind-boggling $68 trillion will transfer to the next generation, with $6.3 trillion allocated to charity. We estimate that 20 percent of this allocation or 1.26 trillion charitable dollars will be given from Jewish donors.

By signing the Jewish Future Promise, you can help ensure that more than $600 billion is set aside for Jewish causes when wealth is transferred from this generation to the next.

Together, let’s promise to make a difference in the world-now, and into the future. Learn more at


Making the Promise is an opportunity to talk to your family and friends about the values you hope to leave behind, and why the Jewish future matter to you. Share this important commitment - our resources can show you how.

We Signed the Promise

Jody and Alan Wagner


"Deciding to execute the Jewish Future Pledge was an easy decision. We both believe deeply in the need to assure continuity of our Jewish religion, culture and community. The Pledge memorialized our plans to give generously to organizations that will assure continuity and gives us an opportunity to engage with our adult children in meaningful conversations around the transmission of our Jewish values."

Jay and Jodi Klebanoff


"L’dor v’dor, from generation to generation, the Jewish community has remained strong and vital through acts of compassion, tzedakah and tikkun olam. By signing this pledge, we hope to encourage our children to follow the example of their parents and grandparents in working on behalf of the Jewish community at home and in Israel."

Laura and Fred Gross


"We chose to sign this pledge to ensure that the Jewish community remains strong and thriving here, in Israel, and around the world. Just as our ancestors planted for us, we do so for our own children and for future generations to come."

Renée and John Strelitz


"The values of tzedakah, building Jewish community, and caring for those in need were clearly passed down from our parents, and we are committed to imparting these values to our children. It is our hope and dream that our children will pass the same values of Jewish philanthropy onto their children as were instilled in us. Signing this pledge strengthens our link in the Jewish chain of generations dating back thousands of years and helps to ensure its future."

Danny and Shikma Rubin


"It's important to use that the Jewish organizations we value today will exist for our children and their children. And we want to be sure that our children see how we set good examples of tzedakah and living for others."

Carly and Hen Glikman


"We are committed to make an impact on Jewish people around the world. Hen was born in Israel and served in the Israeli Army and Carly has devoted her life to spread pro Israel awareness and education. We believe that a strong Israel is strong for Jews in diaspora and a strong Jewish America is strong for Israel."


Amy and Kirk Levy


"By taking this pledge, we want our children and our future grandchildren to know that we love our Jewish community, our culture, our religion and Israel. We are thrilled to extend our support beyond our lives."

Linda and Ron Spindel


"The Jewish community of Tidewater is made up of our friends and family and has been the center of our lives. We have been so fortunate and realize that with this blessing comes responsibility. We are signing this pledge because each of us, in our own right, can and must make a difference in the future of our Jewish community. We are all part of the larger 'Jewish family' that needs our support to continue for generations to come."