Concurrent holidays provide a chance to reflect and give at TJF

There is something very apropos and meaningful about the convergence of two beautiful holidays, Thanksgiving and Chanukah – both of which represent a celebration of religious freedom and are centered on the theme of gratitude for the blessings in our lives. As you gather together as a family, it is a perfect time to reflect on what you are thankful for and take stock of the blessings in your life.

What will your philanthropic legacy be? Will it support the community institutions you care about? Will it sustain your family’s values? Here at the Tidewater Jewish Foundation, we believe that your legacy can do all those things, and we are honored to help you shape it.  

Through LIFE & LEGACY the Tidewater Jewish Foundation partnered with The Harold Grinspoon Foundation to invest in the Tidewater Jewish community and increase the number of donors in this community-wide legacy giving initiative. We encourage legacy donors to share their stories and motivations for leaving a legacy. The Jewish Future Pledge is a worldwide movement working to ensure that vibrant Jewish life continues for generations to come. There is power in using this pledge to spark inter-generational conversations about why the Jewish people matter.

A fundholder shared with me that she was updating her will. Her updates included making one child power of attorney and making her oldest the executor. After spending some time with her kids and grandkids this summer, she told me they had some profound discussions about what was most important to their family. “Jewish organizations and experiences came up way more than I expected,” she told me. “I was happy to hear how much my kids valued Jewish summer camp and Hillel at college, and it thrilled me that they were thinking about joining a synagogue now that their kids were getting bigger. It’s made me rethink my charitable bequests.”

So, she gave TJF a call. It was a perfect time to tell her about TJF’s participation in LIFE & LEGACY, which encourages and incentivizes community members to support the synagogues, schools, and organizations that make Jewish life in Tidewater rich and meaningful. We also talked about the Jewish Future Pledge, which asks all Jewish donors to pledge half or more of the charitable giving in their estate plan to support the Jewish people and/or the State of Israel. Both of these legacy vehicles send a powerful message to family, friends, and future generations about the importance of sustaining the Jewish people.

We’re big believers in the power of storytelling to inspire philanthropy. That is why we have a gift to give you to use around your Thanksgiving tables and Hanukkah gatherings. To get your special gift to enhance your family’s philanthropic conversation, head to With just weeks to go before the end of 2021, think about your legacy and give TJF a call. We’re here to counsel you, help you achieve your philanthropic goals, and find ways you can have a real impact on the charities and organizations you and your family care about.