John Weber Williamson receives Stein Family Scholarship from TJF

The driving force of the Stein Family Scholarship is a legacy of making the world a better place through good deeds and a giant heart. The 2023 Stein Family Scholarship recipient is John Weber Williamson, a senior at Great Bridge Highschool in Chesapeake, VA.

John will attend Old Dominion University, majoring in Psychology with a focus on cognitive and clinical psychology. His career pursuit is to focus on early diagnosis and early intervention for children with special needs. Having two older brothers with autism, John has personally experienced how early detection of special needs can significantly impact the quality of life.

John was recently inducted into the National Honor Society, where volunteerism is required and encouraged. While volunteering at Temple and Hebrew school are some of John's favorite acts of service, it was the experiences and opportunities from being a member of the school marching band for four years that allowed John to volunteer across many sectors in the community, from environmental causes like clean the bay days, to community health initiatives such as blood drives.

Being active and involved in the community is where John thrives. Without the Stein Family Scholarship, John would have been a commuter student, unable to immerse himself in the campus community fully. ODU recently selected John to join the Living-Learning Community. This program allows John to live and engage with other students with similar academic and professional interests, while helping students to manage college transition, academic focus, and social-emotional wellness.

When asked his keys to success, John states, “Do not be afraid to do what you love and are passionate about, even if others don’t agree. Your passion will keep you motivated!”