A Legacy of Leading by Example: Charlie Nusbaum, TJF Board Chair

As board chair of Tidewater Jewish Foundation, Charlie Nusbaum is a true follower of the phrase “lead by example.” Since 1866, the Nusbaum family has served the Jewish community through Ohef Sholom Temple in Norfolk. Seven generations of Nusbaums have been actively involved in the temple’s growth and vitality, with Charlie Nusbaum being the fifth generation to serve as Ohef Sholom Temple president.

Nusbaum’s passion and life’s work is dedicated to the sustainability of community, with his servant-leader style approach allowing him to influence many organizations throughout Hampton Roads. Initially, for Nusbaum, being involved with TJF was the “right thing” to do.

Through the many programs and organizations that benefited from TJF, Nusbaum saw it as a way he could make an impact in the Jewish community at a greater level. Growing up, he witnessed a high level of involvement at the community leadership level from his parents and other community elders. Serving on TJF’s board fulfilled a social responsibility and a heart’s desire. “Charity begins in the heart,” says Nusbaum. “You need heart and passion to serve and preserve for the next generation.”

Now with years of volunteering with TJF, Nusbaum is on a mission to educate the community about the importance of legacy gifting through planned giving and endowments. TJF, he says, is the bridge for the Jewish community – committed to creating permanent resources to meet the community’s challenges and needs.

TJF educates about the rewards of philanthropy, facilitates the process for donors, offers flexibility to fund non-budget expenses that temples or other agencies may incur, and provides guidance on best practices for endowments. “Whether Orthodox, Conservative, or Reform, preserving our history, legacy, and heritage depends on donor legacy assets gifted to TJF,” says Nusbaum.

“TJF covers all of us. There is no you and me. It is us. We are in this together,” says Nusbaum. “Whether you are a family donating $100,000 a year, or an individual gifting $100 a month, both are gifts that can perpetuate ongoing support of needs, both great and small, in our community.”

Looking forward, Nusbaum is committed to growing and sustaining TJF. “As a former board member commented, TJF is one of the most critical organizations in the Jewish community, as it preserves what we hold dear as legacies to strengthen and sustain Jewish Tidewater far beyond our individual lives,” he says.