Safeguarding the Future of Our Jewish Community

As we go through our daily commitments, it's sometimes easy to forget that our legacies extend far beyond our lifetimes. As you look towards the future, we gently remind you that now is the time to take a moment to revisit your estate planning documents.

Whether it's your will, trust, or beneficiary designations, a thoughtful review ensures they reflect not only your current financial and familial circumstances but also your profound commitment to the Jewish community's vitality.

Your partnership with Tidewater Jewish Foundation (TJF) is more than a charitable endeavor; it's a bridge to the future for Jewish people everywhere. By channeling estate gifts to your fund at TJF through avenues like wills, trusts, or beneficiary designations on retirement plans or life insurance policies, you're investing in a thriving Jewish tomorrow. Particularly, if you're considering bequests from instruments like IRAs, know that these can be tremendously tax-efficient methods of stewardship. As a tax-exempt entity, TJF ensures that contributions from retirement plans aren't diminished by income or estate taxes, maximizing the impact of your generosity.

We understand that the legal aspects of this process can seem overwhelming, but we're here to ease that journey. Our team is on standby to assist your attorney in drafting clear, concise bequest terms or updating beneficiary designations. It's important to us that every detail aligns flawlessly with your wishes.

Remember, life's constant evolution means your estate plans can grow and change as you do. The terms of your fund at TJF aren't set in stone. We offer the flexibility to amend them, accommodating your desires and circumstances.

Your legacy is a powerful testament to your dedication to our Jewish heritage and future. We're eager to engage with you and your advisors, ensuring your plans reflect the lasting impact you wish to have on our community. Your foresight, compassion, and action today sow the seeds for a vibrant Jewish tomorrow.