Unveiling Tidewater Jewish Foundation’s Strategic Plan

The Tidewater Jewish Foundation (TJF) has recently completed a strategic planning process that heralds a new era of enhanced services, enriched community engagement, and impactful giving. The brand-new, comprehensive strategic plan focuses on four key pillars: Marketing and Education, Multi-generational Engagement, Philanthropic Advisory Services, and Impact through Innovation.

TJF's mission is to build and guide exponentially more resources to empower Jewish life in Tidewater and beyond. To realize this mission, TJF works to educate and engage the community by providing resources and guidance. They work closely with donors and professional advisors to implement tax-advantaged charitable giving strategies, often involving multi-generational philanthropy. Ultimately, the organization aims to empower individuals and families to make informed decisions about their charitable giving throughout different life stages.

The belief that every voice matters is at the core of TJF's approach. They value the perspectives and contributions of each community member. Everyone can be a legacy donor; you can contribute to existing Endowment funds of our affiliated agencies or congregations or establish permanent endowment funds for organizations and programs you care about. This can be done with dollars today or after lifetime gifts. By fostering inclusivity and encouraging participation, the TJF aims to create a vibrant and diverse philanthropic base united by a shared commitment to securing the future of the Jewish community for generations to come.

The completion of TJF's strategic planning process marks a significant milestone for the Foundation. With a solid vision and well-defined goals, TJF can now help more donors create a legacy within the Jewish community. You, too, are invited to embark on this journey in partnership with TJF and the wonderful organizations that make an impact in our vibrant Jewish community.

To begin your philanthropic journey, contact Naomi Limor Sedek, President and CEO of TJF, at nsedek@tjfva.or, to learn how TJF can partner with you.