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TJF Community Impact Grant helps students at UVA adjust to college life

Transitioning to college life as a first-year student can be a challenging endeavor. For new undergraduates entering the University of Virginia over the past two years, that transition has, at times, been overwhelming. In addition to figuring out what supplies to stock up on and how to find…

Tax season 2022: How you can reduce taxes and help future generations

As you begin to collect your 2021 income tax information and prepare to file a return, are you:

  • Realizing that your tax situation may be different from previous years?
  • Interested in learning about a way to support your community in a tax-wise manner?

Tax law changes could impact your s…

Simon Family Passport: Chava Harpaz attends seminary for a year in Israel

Being in Israel for my year abroad was such an amazing opportunity. Attending a year in seminary gave me the chance to form long-lasting friendships with girls from all over the world, including Mexico, Panama, London, and Switzerland. I was able to broaden my understanding of Judaism…

TJF Community Impact Grant helps KBH complete water drainage project

Imagine working on 2020 High Holiday plans for more than two months in advance of Rosh Hashanah. Synagogue leaders spent countless hours creating a safe and meaningful holiday experience to meet the needs of congregants during the COVID-19 pandemic. Then, on September 18, just as Rosh Hashan…

Stein Family College Scholarship now has up to $80,000 for new applicants

The Tidewater Jewish Foundation is excited to announce that starting in 2022, the Stein Family College Scholarship will be offering up to $20,000 a year for four years. This $80,000 scholarship opportunity makes it the largest scholarship in Jewish Tidewater.